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Child and Adolescent Therapy

Many children and teens experience emotional and behavioral problems but when these problems become more serious and start to interfere with school and family life, it may be time to seek help. When your child or teen is facing emotional or behavioral challenges, it can be stressful, especially when it feels like nothing is working. I specialize in helping children and their families get back on track by building better relationships, improving communication, and changing problematic behaviors. Parents are key to successful treatment and I will work closely with you to find what will work best for your child and your family. I treat children ages 1 to 18 and can help with:

  • Behavior problems (aggression, defiance, tantrums, school refusal)
  • Hyperactivity and attention problems/ADHD
  • Mood problems (irritability, sadness, anger)
  • Anxiety (worries, fears, obsessive/compulsive behaviors)
  • Social skills
  • Sexual behavior problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Trauma and abuse recovery
  • Adjustment to divorce or other life situations

I am a forensically-informed therapist and experienced in working with children and families who are involved with family or juvenile court.